Are you ready to finally build the practice of your dreams? 

Learn how to get patients, feel confident, communicate smoothly, and thrive as a practitioner, so you can make a difference and help to heal the world.

Are you ready to finally build the practice of your dreams? 

Learn how to get patients, feel confident, communicate smoothly, and thrive as a practitioner, so you can make a difference and help to heal the world.

Build your dream practice, make a living doing what you love, and help to heal the world with the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program.


Being an acupuncturist is some of the most heart-gratifying work in the world.

Yet too many acupuncturists spend massive amounts of time and money getting their license but have no idea how to run their practice and never build a successful acupuncture practice.

I want you to be successful.

When you are successful, more patients are being treated with this incredible medicine, and we move one step closer to mainstreaming Eastern medicine.

Not to mention you are finally making a living doing what you love!

Learning points, herbs, and Chinese medicine theory are necessary, but won't help you get patients.

Learning office systems, success mindsets, and clear direct communication is what will get you patients and help you create the successful acupuncture practice you've always dreamed of.

Does this sound


  • You feel exhausted and stressed as you scramble to make ends meet to stay in business and pay your bills.
  • You are stuck in the loop of discounting your treatment price and attracting the wrong types of patients which leaves you feeling resentful and worried you made the wrong decision of becoming an acupuncturist.
  • You feel uncomfortable, misaligned, and sales like trying to convince your patients to come back in for more treatments.
  • You feel frustrated and confused, spending a bunch of time and money trying to market your practice with little to no results.
  • You'll feel like a fraud in your treatment room and nervous you won't be able to help your patients.
  • You are ready to admit defeat and take a side job to make ends meet.
  • You feel uncertain of your future in this business, and are ready to possibly even give up on your dreams to be an acupuncturist all together.

6-Figure Acupuncturist will show you

how to

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Schedule more patients, without spending money on marketing
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Speak clearly, confidently, and directly so your patients respond to you.
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Keep your schedule full to create financial freedom and help to heal the world
Emotional Intelligence

“My previous goal for my practice was 25 a week. This week I had 40! This week I’ll make $4000 and last week I made $3500. I can’t believe the little bit of tweaking I did when opening my new clinic made me this successful. I’ve been getting potential patients calling in and I can talk to them easily about what I do now. My patients are being compliant and coming in when I recommend. I feel like I have to pinch myself sometimes. I went from just being able to pay my bills in December to tripling my income in the month of February to having my best week of returning patients this week in March! Thank you, Alyssa. I’m literally about to have a 6 figure cash practice in my first-year solo.”

Daron M.

"Before I did Alyssa's programs - the 6-Figure Program and Emotional Intelligence for Practice Success - I lacked so much confidence and I second guessed myself ALL the time. Sometimes when my patients improved I would even convince myself that it was just a coincidence! Since completing the courses and focusing primarily on mindset and confidence I have really stepped into my role as a primary healthcare practitioner and it shows. My practice is getting busier and I have so much personal energy for working and growing my business. If you have been wondering if you should work with Alyssa then take this as the sign you need - YES."

Joanna M.

With this course, you will:

  • Feel certain that you can get new patients and know exactly what to say to get them to book appointments.
  • Feel worthy of your treatment fees and grateful for all the patients that effortlessly pay your full prices.
  • Easily and effectively communicate to keep your schedule full and your patients happily returning for the correct amount of treatments.
  • Understand how to create a steady stream of new word of mouth clients contacting you regularly.
  • Feel confident in your treatment room no matter what symptoms your patient presents to you.
  • Feel fulfilled as an acupuncturist, plugged into your life's purpose, relieved to finally have created financial freedom, grateful to be living your dreams, and supported by a global community of positive success-minded acupuncturists.
12 x $197

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The 6-Figure Acupuncturist program is not just a's a global family on a mission to mainstream Eastern medicine and make the world a healthier place. Stop isolating. Join the community.

And let's get to work on your practice!

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  • We focus on your mindset first and healing your heart, so you can heal the world.
  • We plug you into a global family of positive, success-minded, inspiring acupuncturists all around the world in our private Facebook community.
  • We give you on-going new classes, live coaching, and support from day one to day infinity.
  • We have tons and tons of acupuncturists that have already completed the program with huge success.
  • We come together as a community to not only create success for ourselves but as a way to help heal the world and mainstream Eastern medicine around the planet.

We’re up to stuff in the 6-Figure program. And we’re using our profession as a means to do it.

When you join the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program, you’re not just joining an online training program, you’re joining a global movement and the best training for heart-centered acupuncturists on the planet.

What will you


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Why Mindset Is Everything And How To Start Up Your Practice.

In module one you’ll learn why your mindset is the most impactful part of building a successful acupuncture practice, along with the practical steps to start up your office.

You’ll get exact techniques to cultivate a mindset of success, which is the #1 difference between practitioners that succeed vs. those that struggle and never make it. Come out of this module having no doubt that you can have the exact practice and life you dream of, knowing that nothing can stop you.

Learn the exact steps on how to start up an acupuncture practice, which normally takes months to figure out on your own. Including how to set your fees so you never have to worry about money, 11 templates of office paperwork for you to edit and start using in your clinic immediately, plus what never to spend your time on when you first open your practice and what you need to be doing instead to grow your business.

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The Secret To Simple Effective Marketing.

Module two reveals the truth about marketing and why it’s much simpler than you think. It’s time to focus on the strategies that actually work to get you patients. You’ll learn why you should ignore almost all of the marketing advice you learned in acupuncture school. It’s not just a waste of time — it’s hurting your business.

I’ll show you why being a marketing master has nothing to do with spending money on marketing, giving discounts, or memorizing an elevator speech. You’ll come out of this module being equipped with simple, powerful, fun marketing strategies that will keep your practice full year after year. Introverts, these are comfortable and effective techniques for you too!

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How To Navigate Insurance Billing, Give Your Patients The Best Treatments Of Their Entire Lives, And Build Confidence.

In module three you will get all the secrets to simplify insurance billing and you’ll learn how to develop unwavering confidence as a practitioner. Come out of this module understanding the step-by-step process of taking insurance, including how to clearly communicate about it with your patients and how to always be paid your full treatment price. (Don’t worry if insurance isn’t in your plan, this information is optional and not a necessary component to building a successful 6-figure practice.)

You’ll also learn how to embody confidence and know exactly what points to use in your treatments no matter what symptoms your patients present to you. You’ll get the exact step-by-step process of an entire treatment from the minute they walk in the door to the follow-up process the next day. (This is exactly what I used in my office to build a booming 6-figure acupuncture practice and now thousands of acupuncturists around the world have used it too!) Confidence comes when you know what to do.

Plus come out of this module understanding the vital part trust plays in your practice, how to use it to create lifetime relationships with your patients and a steady source of referrals.

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How To Communicate With Ease and Scripts For Every Situation In Your Practice.

Module four is the cherry on top and everyone’s favorite module!

Get 25+ exact word-for-word scripts so you speak with ease and confidence, which practically guarantees success in your practice.

The big secret to having a successful practice actually isn’t your diagnosis and treatments, and has everything to do with how you speak to your patients. This module gives you a real look at explaining Eastern medicine terms, getting patients to schedule appointments, answering questions, communicating treatment plans, and booking phone calls. Successful acupuncturists know what to say and what not to say. They are skilled communicators.

You’ll come out of this module no longer worried about being tongue tied or stuck without an answer, and have actual ways to get results in your practice immediately.

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The masterclass module is a goldmine of information!

This module is continuously updated with new classes. It teaches you how to keep growing and deepening your understanding of being a successful practitioner while helping to heal the world. The foundational knowledge is just the beginning and you’ll come out of this module with more advanced techniques and understandings of the complexities that come up in our clinics.

These classes include the step-by-step process of how to give a live talk on acupuncture, learning how to needle, how to handle late cancels and no shows, a comprehensive guide to getting referrals, staying emotionally balanced with difficult cases, time management for a solo practitioner, and much much more.

Plus if there’s ever a topic you want to dive deeper into, let me know and we can make a masterclass on that too! You get limitless learning in the ever expanding masterclass module.

12 x $197

Here is everything you get access to inside the program:


  • 6-Figure Acupuncturist Course
  • Approved for 15 category-1 CA CEUs and 5 category-2 CA CEUs by the California Acupuncture Board, provider #1167. Check with your state and national regulatory boards for CEU acceptance outside of CA.
  • Lifetime Access To The Course And Support Group
  • You get lifetime access to all course material, any future updates or additions, plus the private Facebook support group with invaluable on-going live coaching and classes.
  • 4 Core Hours And 15+ Advanced Masterclass Hours
  • Prerecorded online video module classes for 24/7 access and full of an ever-expanding knowledge base with everything you need to succeed. Lessons that you’re able to access on your own time and schedule, and watch as many times as you desire. These easy to follow, comprehensive modules come to you through a safe and secure website, where you will have a private access account. You can watch them from the comfort of your home in your spare time.
  • Office Paperwork Plus More
  • Editable office paperwork to ensure that you won’t be missing any important forms in your clinic. You don’t have to spend time, money, or stress designing and writing all the essential paperwork. Useful business building links, plus powerpoint presentations, transcripts, and MP3s. Everything you need organized in one spot.
  • Easy ways to find and attract the right clients that will keep coming back for more.
  • Available App For All Access
  • Access all your content on the go and anywhere you bring your phone with easy to use app access.
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Get lifetime access to the private Facebook group with the global 6-Figure Community and unlimited support, inspiration, positivity, and motivation. When you join, you're family for life. In other words, your membership never expires and you are never alone again. Indefinite 24/7 access to a group of supportive, positive, success-minded acupuncturists.
  • On-Going Live Coaching And Classes
  • In this group, get all your questions answered 24/7 and get access to answers for any question you will ever have about practicing Eastern medicine and any questions that come up about the modules. Participate in live group coaching sessions and live masterclasses with me, plus live health insurance coaching from my insurance biller, Jennifer. Never feel stuck, alone or isolated again. The community and I will always be there for support and love!
  • Action items that you can put into practice immediately to improve your business efficiencies and success.
  • Bonus! E-Book "How To Use Social Media To Get Patients - For FREE!"
  • This step-by-step guide teaches you how to get more patients online. It's easier than you think!
  • Bonus! Video Classes
  • Advanced content to help you become a top practitioner and overcome the nuances that hold practitioners back. Your classes include:
  • - What to say to get patients anywhere.
    - The biggest misunderstanding acupuncturists have.
    - The 5 mindsets of confidence.
    - Treatment plan script musts.
    - The one line you need to get patients to book their appointments.
    - How to get over your fear of being direct. 
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee with completed supplementary worksheets.

Limitless Live Support

12 x $197
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What students are


“It was challenging to transition from clinic residency where I had all of my patients booked and waiting for me to running a business on my own. The 6-Figure Acupuncturist Program taught me how to confidently talk to patients to get them to book appointments and how to take insurance. Not to mention the support of the private Facebook group is invaluable. I'm very happy to report that during my first 12 months in business, I grossed $113,000!

Robert Y.

“I am so thankful that I found the best mentorship program to nurture my practice. No question was too little or too big and they were always addressed. Alyssa made me feel important by always reaching back out. Also, the support that the private FB group offers is very helpful and beneficial! Just 4 months after we opened the clinic gross sales were $14,800. Each month after that has been around 10K. I am not yet where I want to be, but I am headed in the right direction.”

Sarah A.

“When I first joined the program, I had just graduated school. I had no clue how to run a business or where to even start. Alyssa really opened my eyes to the possibility that I could create a thriving business and do what I love. She taught me how to talk to my patients about treatments plans, which is vital, and explain TCM in a way they can understand. In April, for the first time ever, my net income was $10,000 +.”

Garryn S.

“Before taking 6-Figure Acupuncturist I struggled with getting patients to understand how acupuncture works and their treatment plan. This course taught me what patients really want to know and how to communicate it effectively. Now I have a thriving practice and this will be a 6-figure year!

Anthony G.


12 x $197

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30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with joining the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program. Here’s how the guarantee works:

Join the program, watch the modules, participate in the private Facebook community, and fully complete the 4 supplementary worksheets. If you feel that you have received zero value from the course, send us an email at [email protected].

We’ll ask for your completed supplementary worksheets to make sure you gave it a go. All 4 are required with thorough and thoughtful answers, showing you took the time to take the course and apply it to your practice. Your participation in the private Facebook support group is also required and you will find these instructions on each of the supplementary worksheets.

Once we receive your completed coursework, have reviewed your Facebook group interactions, and approved you have completed the required work, you’ll receive a full refund.

All supplementary worksheets and participation in the group must be completed before the 30th day you joined the program, or a refund will not be granted.