I know that so many acupuncturists have a lot of the right pieces in place, but they just need some clear action steps, another set of eyes on what’s going on, support and encouragement, or simply someone who has accomplished what they want to do, and helped thousands of others accomplish it too.



I know that so many acupuncturists have a lot of the right pieces in place, but they just need some clear action steps, another set of eyes on what’s going on, support and encouragement, or simply someone who has accomplished what they want to do, and helped thousands of others accomplish it too.



Since 2014 I have been coaching acupuncturists via the online 6-Figure Acupuncturist program and through 1-1 coaching.


Both of these have worked incredibly well but I started to see a pattern…

Practitioners in the online program often also need a bit of 1-1 coaching to get them over the top to reach their goals, while acupuncturists in my 1-1 coaching often also need the information in the online program to get them to reach their goals. Each needs each other.

The facts are… I love helping acupuncturists reach their goals, live their dream lives, and heal the world… and I’m really good at doing that.

Success doesn’t come to you through isolation.

Success comes when we hold our goals and visions as a collective, share what we’ve learned and teach others what we know works, and support, support, and support each other some more. This amplifies and accelerates everything.⁣ 


This is why I developed the

6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack.

I know with my direct and personalized help, plus all the course content and the community inside the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program… you will have accelerated growth and your entire life will change. Your heart will feel full, you will become financially free, and you will feel deeply fulfilled with your work and contribution to healing the world.

I’ve put together everything you need and built a program around it, so that you don’t have to invest in 4 courses, 7 mentors, and 9 different programs to reach your goals! :) And you don’t have to waste your energy, your money, and most importantly your time to accomplish what you were put here on this Earth to do - be a successful acupuncturist and help to heal the world.

More specifically the 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack is for…

  • The acupuncturist who is ready to do whatever it takes to succeed and feels certain with the right guidance and support that they will make it.
  • It’s for the acupuncturist who wants to run their own practice and feels excited to be the boss.
  • It’s for the acupuncturist that is currently making just enough money for their bills, can’t seem to get ahead of just enough, but knows without a doubt that they were meant for much more and it’s coming.
  • It’s for the acupuncturist who wants to have a thriving practice and is ready to make this their best year yet!
  • It’s for the acupuncturist that wants to have the specific strategy, the right systems, the experienced mentorship, the clarity, focus, and support to take their practice from barely to booming in no time.

So if that is you…

Here’s what’s inside my 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack…

Personalized Assessment

You’re going to get a personalized assessment of your business and I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to take action on to reach your goals.

This assessment is going to be based on the 7-Step System and will be directly from me with a clear strategy of what you need to do, how to do it, and specifically what content to watch.

You will get this after you sign up and after I receive your on-boarding survey. The assessment is personally developed by me after I review where your business is currently, what is your vision and where do you want to go.

This is valued at $6,000. However, the value of this inside of your business could easily be 50x or more the investment of the 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack Program.

6-Figure Support Pack Telegram Group

You’re going to get access to the private 6-Figure Support Pack Telegram group, giving you even more behind the scenes of building successful practices via the other practitioners in there growing their business at this advanced and accelerated level. Plus direct access to me!

Telegram is a free messaging app.

The major benefit?

If you can’t make the live sessions, you can still get my coaching and mentorship! I am always available to you to answer your questions.

Plus, you get to connect with the other acupuncturists in the Support Pack program. Having that collective energy of aligned individuals is what amplifies and accelerates everything.⁣

This is valued at $6,000, with many other coaches charging $10K+ for direct access to them.

VIP Pass to all the Building A 6-Figure Acupuncture
Practice Online Programs

You’re going to get access to ALL my online programs (except Ear Seeds Success), which means lifetime access to them including any modifications or updates to the programs. That includes all the CEUs also, which are a total of 24.5 for CA! 

This is going to give you all the training content, for every single part of your business based on what I know from all of my experience that creates success, on top of access to the incredible global community of positive, like-minded acupuncturists all on a mission to grow their practice, mainstream Eastern medicine, and help heal the world via the 6-Figure Acupuncturist private Facebook Support Group.

Click here to check out all the online programs inside 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack.

You’re also going to get access to the lifetime on-going Facebook live group coaching within the 6-Figure Acupuncturist private Facebook Support Group. This means you get live group coaching from me once a month, live group coaching from my insurance biller Jennifer once a month, plus live masterclasses of on-going education anytime we have topics come up that we need to have a deeper dive into.

All the Building A 6-Figure Acupuncture Practice Online Programs cost $2415 but the value of 6-Figure Acupuncturist program alone is $6186 so access to ALL OF IT has a crazy value!

2 Monthly Video Zoom Group Q&A Calls with Me

You’re going to get access to TWO dedicated group video calls each month with me to help you dive into whatever you need help with.

No matter if it’s mindset, marketing, communication, part of your strategy, encouragement, understanding, systems… anything!

We keep the momentum going and flowing!

Because of the limited number of people allowed into the Support Pack program, this means you have plenty of individual time within the group call and we actually get to have face to face conversations together directly and regularly.

My coaching calls are $875/call so 12 calls with me over the span of 6 months has a value of $10500.

What my students have to say about

working with me

"Before starting with Alyssa my practice was up and down with patient load. I was wanting a “busy” practice, but when my books would start to fill up I’d panic and then notice it drop off. This incongruence was my biggest indicator that I needed help. I had watched some of Alyssa’s videos years ago and remembered how much they had helped in the past, so I decided to join her group coaching to get more personalized and focused help.

This journey was so much more than I had anticipated. We smoothed out systems in my practice and set goals (which I expected) but more-so I learned that mindset and clarity are enormous factors in achieving your goals and that this should all be fun! It was amazing to be in a group setting; to have each others support, learn from everyone’s experiences, share knowledge on the medicine, and feel that sense of community with fellow practitioners. I can say with full honesty that this is the least stressed and most fun I’ve ever had in practice and am on track to gross over $10k this month for the first time ever! Thank you Alyssa!!!"

Courtney F.

"I was just starting my business and before opening, and I knew I wanted to start it out right and not go through all the mistakes I could make that could harm my business down the road.
There were a lot more emotional and mental blocks I realized I had before starting the Support Pack program, but the program helped me identify and work through those with ease. It also helped my confidence for going out on my own!

Within the first 3 months of my business, I made everything that I had put into it back, and was already hitting my goals for the end of the year! This put me on track to make my first year a 6 figure year!"

Summer K.

"Prior to joining the Support Pack I was burnt out! My insurance based practice was full, but I wasn't making the amount of money that I wanted to. I knew I wanted to go out of network with insurance but had anxiety about such a big change.

At the beginning, Alyssa laid out a plan on where to focus my energy. I am absolutely obsessed and in love with the resources she provided. I see myself using them and revisiting them again and again even after I leave the Support Pack. I am now in the process of rebuilding my dream cash practice, but I know exactly what I need to do. Thank you Alyssa!!"

Kara V.

"Before I started working with Alyssa I was about halfway to the treatment number goals that I had had for my business for many years. Both of my children were born within the first 5 years of opening my practice, and I always struggled with finding the balance between growing my business and spending time at home with my kids. Put the challenges of the pandemic on top of that work/life jiggle, and what working with Alyssa helped me to see, among other things, was that I was really burned out!

I joined the group because I was sick of not reaching my goals and knew that I needed help and accountability. I really enjoyed the support pack group. Alyssa did a great job of creating a supportive, fun and inspiring community. While we were all at different places in our lives and businesses, I was constantly learning from the other members' questions and challenges, and they inspired me to take steps to reach my goals. I got to work on streamlining my systems and implementing Alyssa's scripts and tune up emails etc. as well as doing mindset work.

I learned that I am more of a procrastinator than I realized, and I started using the community to motivate myself to start taking action. I am currently 80% of the way to my treatment number goals. I make the time to continually work on the various branches of my business that Alyssa teaches about: systems, communication, mindset, and marketing. Her positive attitude is infectious and makes me happy to do the work, and as I see my business grow it becomes an amazing feedback loop!"

Marshall W.

This is the support pack! It’s a whole bunch of support!

Combining all the content with collective momentum and individualized on-going support to help you with exactly what you need.

This should cost much much more… and it will raise eventually as the program grows.

But for the right practitioner, who is ready to go with all the right pieces, I know the cost generally doesn’t matter, because they understand the return and feel ready to invest in themselves.

The investment is $5000 flat fee for 6 months, the value is 10x that. And the return is easily 30-50x. There is also a payment plan option at $1000/month for 6 months.


“When I started the Support Pack, I could literally feel the stagnation in my life and my practice but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was working for 2 separate clinics, seeing less than 10 patients a week and barely making any money. And I was too afraid to branch out on my own. I kept thinking that there was absolutely NO WAY I could do this without working for someone else.

But with amazing love, support, and guidance, Alyssa helped me break through these crazy barriers while teaching me how to navigate the ups and downs and truly visualize my dreams. Now, I am about to start and open my own clinic in a brand new space with a solid plan. I have gained confidence as an acupuncturist and as a business woman. It's amazing and I feel truly blessed to have worked with Alyssa. Thank you so much Alyssa!”

Marlena S.

"Before joining the Support Pack, I had recently graduated from Acupuncture and was a Remedial Massage Therapist for 10yrs running my own business. I was always tired and giving everything to my patients but I was struggling financially, physically and emotionally and it was taking its toll.

The Support Pack journey was incredible - what a rollercoaster of highs and lows, uncovering the deepest darkest places of yourself and working through them with help from Alyssa and the support of the other people in our group, it was comforting to learn that almost everyone else was going through the same or similar issues. Now my schedule is full of Acupuncture patients every week and I’m giving up Remedial Massage this year. I’m so much more aware of myself, the language I use with patients, boundaries and how important self care is, every single day! Alyssa thank you, you have helped me learn, grow and change for the better and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both myself and you!

Lisa P.

"When I joined the support pack I was worn out, drained, and completely burnt out. The door to my clinic was essentially closed. Jump ahead six months and I am enjoying my work, my practice, and my patients. The best part is that I am having fun and relaxing for the first time in a long long long time and still my business is growing. Or maybe I should say because I am having fun and relaxing, my business is growing! Thank you!"

Jolene M.

The growth of your business, I know will be rapid.


You will get 6 months access to the 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack… which includes twice monthly group Zoom video coaching calls with me, 24/7 access to coaching via the Telegram messaging app including direct access to me, plus lifetime access to all the online programs.

I feel really excited to help you build your dreams and heal the world!

The 6-Figure Acupuncturist Support Pack is by application only.

You are in good hands when you invest in the Support Pack and I promise this will be unlike anything you’ve ever done to help grow your practice.
This will work.
If you’ve read to this ending, then this Support Pack is for you.