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We are on a mission to mainstream Eastern medicine and heal the world with acupuncture and love, by helping you have a

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Discover The 7-Step System you must have in order to finally end the exhaustion and struggle, fill your schedule and grow your dream acupuncture practice to 6-Figures.


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How I went from broke, struggling, and on the brink of giving up to 6-figures year after year by using these 7-Steps.

The real solution to growing your practice, that acupuncturist after acupuncturist have now succeeded with, which is different than any of the marketing advice you heard in school.

The 3 intertwined components of your practice that are often misunderstood and how that’s keeping you stuck.

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6-Figure Acupuncturist

Elizabeth M.

“Before taking the 6-Figure Acupuncturist course I was reaching for patients at most seeing less than 10 patient visits per week, not confident, feeling guilty taking money, discounting, and struggling to start my practice. After taking the course it only took 2 months to triple my weekly patient visits to over 30 visits per week, and my confidence was completely boosted because Alyssa gave me a clear plan of action and protocol of how to clearly educate the patients so that they utilize acupuncture properly, something we were not taught in school. Alyssa helped me realize the true value of what we do, which gave me the confidence to not only help myself and my practice but my patients as well! Now, a full year after taking the program, I can officially say I'm grossing over 6-figures! This Program is a driving force in the acupuncture community. Mainstreaming Eastern Medicine here we go!!! Thank you so much Alyssa Dazet!”

Garth R.

“I have been in practice for over 8 years. I was averaging about 15 treatments a week and had a serious low this summer where I dropped to 7 treatments in one week. I signed up for the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program and got to work. Through better communication with existing and prospective patients, plus a morning visualization and mindset routine, I set a goal to reach 30 treatments/week within four weeks time. I did it! I just had my most profitable month and busiest week to date!”

Heather H.

“After finding out I passed the licensing exam I felt really overwhelmed about starting my business and was not sure where to begin. With Alyssa’s course, I received all that I needed to set up my business, and really helpful tools including mindset and support that prepared me to have a thriving business and more! I took her course in April and I hit the 6-figure mark just 20 months later! Thank you so much Alyssa!”

Kirsten S.

“I completed your 6 figure acupuncturist course in 2016. I completed it prior to starting my clinic when I was broke as a joke with a mountain of student debt and ALL THE FEAR. I am so happy to say that 4 years since that course, I now have 2 beautiful clinics serving the best community ever, 3 acupuncturists working for me (hopefully soon 4!) and the most incredible support staff. I now run the business from two states away and will likely open a third practice in my new state. My first year in the business (totally solo) was a 6 figure year!

Chanel B.

I’m making about 9k gross every month and only see my practice growing from here. Your program gave me the confidence boost and guidance I needed in the beginning and through my first year. I reached this income in just 11 months out from opening date even with 2020 and being closed for 3 months last year! I’ve also paid almost 20k of my debt down in the last 4 months! I’ve been able to accomplish this all while raising my 2 & 3 year olds as a single mom - thank you Alyssa!”

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After I survived open-heart surgery at the age of 23, I became an acupuncturist and built a successful 6-figure acupuncture practice.

Today I teach acupuncturists around the globe step-by-step ways to build their dream practices, get patients, create financial freedom, and make an impact.

"On behalf of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, I organized a one day workshop for Alyssa in London in 2019. I did so because I believe that Alyssa’s approach to practice success and satisfaction addresses issues that nobody else does, and therefore achieves much greater results. And as an organizer of many seminars and workshops, I can simply say that Alyssa’s generated more enthusiasm and praise than any I can remember."

- Peter Deadman, Author Of A Manual Of Acupuncture

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Join my programs to fill your practice, build your dreams, heal your heart, and join a global community of successful acupuncturists all on a mission to help mainstream Eastern medicine and help heal the world. 


Accelerate your success by working privately with me.  Get customized coaching, accountability, and support to break through any blocks keeping you from your greatest self. *Open to practitioners outside of acupuncture also.


Get started filling your practice immediately with this free guide. Discover The 7-Step System you must have in order to finally end the exhaustion and struggle, fill your schedule and grow your dream acupuncture practice to 6-Figures.


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