Understanding Your Resistance To Success

emotional intelligence mindset Feb 10, 2021

We can all have successful practices but we have a lot of resistance that gets in the way which keeps us from being effective.

First you need to understand your resistance – it’s insecurity, fear, doubt, confusion, lack of confidence, judgment and more – because this will determine what you see going forward as you work to build your practice.

I can’t help you build a successful practice until you understand your resistance.

I understand your resistance because I have worked through so much of mine. I am you, I see you, and I want to lead you.

I hope this message lands with just one of you so you understand what you need to do in order to reach your successful dream practice.

When you are in the resistance you feel like a fraud, you feel like you need more experience, you feel like you should work for someone else, you feel like you can’t set your fees that high, and you feel unfit to be treating your patients.

When you’re in your resistance, you forget you can have a successful acupuncture practice.

I’m here reminding you and empowering you, by telling you what to say to patients, how to get them to book, how to keep your schedule full, what systems to use in your office, so that when your resistance pops up again, you remember that you can have a successful practice.

It’s right there in front of you.

You already have it, but I’m going to remind you over and over and over again.

I’m here to change things for generations of acupuncturists to come!

So that we no longer have acupuncturists getting stuck in their resistance, forgetting they can succeed, and then giving up.

Your resistance causes a lot of suffering. It’s not fun to face those parts of ourselves – our shame, our insecurities, our fears. It’s not always what you want to confront. But confronting these is the most important part.

We like to think our greatest resistance is outside of us – too many other acupuncturists in the same area, people can’t afford my fees, they say they’ll call to book an appointment but then they never do… we like to blame this stuff.

But really our greatest resistance is in our heads.

You can never overcome this if you do not confront it.

You must confront your resistance.

Because behind that resistance is your successful acupuncture practice. Behind that resistance are answers to your patient’s pains, cures for cancers, ways to end autism, booming integrative clinics, world-changing non-profits and more and more and more.

One of the ways to start confronting your resistance is speaking up even when you’re feeling doubtful, scared, or insecure. Speaking up about how acupuncture can help this person who is suffering even though you’ve never treated their condition before.

Speaking up about how acupuncture needs to be in every hospital around the world.

Speaking up about how Chinese herbs can get millions of people off of dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Because I won’t allow this acupuncture profession be defined by our resistance!

Let your voice be heard.

Your voice letting people know the treatment plan script so they have success with their treatments. Your voice telling your patients to return for the correct amount of appointments. Your voice asking someone if they are ok and letting them know you can help them.

I want you to keep speaking up until you breakthrough your resistance.

I dare you to start speaking up.

I want you to change your mind. Change your mind to certainty that you’re going to make it, that you’re going build your dream practice, that you’re going to cure cancer, or malaria or skin disease or depression, or anything! Whatever it is that you have the tiniest inkling that you can do. Change your mind to certainty.

Every time a thought comes up with resistance you say to that thought, “Oh no no no I changed my mind. I’m certain I’m going to make it now. I’m not thinking like that anymore.”

Uncover the resistance that’s keeping you from your successful practice.

The only way you do this is when you start speaking up. Speaking up will reveal all of your resistance. Thinking about it will not.

You need to speak up to experience what comes up when you tell a patient to come back twice in one week.

What comes up when you tell a patient you’re raising your prices.

What comes up when you try to answer the question – does acupuncture treat infertility or hair loss, or bloating, or anything.

What comes up?

I know this isn’t easy. I’m here for you. And when you identify your resistance, I’m here to show you how to have your successful practice that you’ve had all along.

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