The Follow Up Email (use this to educate your patients so they come back in for more treatments)

patient care scripts Sep 28, 2020

The follow up email is a simple but powerful email you will be sending out to every single new patient the day after you treat them.  It reads:

Dear so and so,

It was lovely to meet you and treat you yesterday.  I just wanted to follow up with you after our first acupuncture appointment together to be sure you are feeling fine.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

See you soon!


This email is critical and super important to send out for two reasons:

First, as we know, all patients respond differently to treatments.  Some people feel more in pain, other people can have strong emotional responses, you just never know.  What this email allows us to do is check in to see how they’re doing.  If we don’t educate the patient that these are normal responses to have and part of the healing process, then they might think that you’re a really crappy acupuncturists, and they’re not going to feel good so they’re not going to want to come back in for treatment, and they sure as heck aren’t going to refer any one else to you.  So all that is not very conducive to building a 6-figure practice!  It’s really important to check in with the patient to see how they’re doing so you can educate them that this is a normal response, a normal part of the healing process and what the next steps are going to be for them.

On the flip side, this email is really important because if the patient is feeling super awesome the next day, you contacting them and asking them how they’re feeling, allows them to make the connection that they’re feeling good because of your treatment.  If you don’t help them make this connection a lot of times they don’t realize it.  Then when they come back in for their follow up appointment, you’ll ask them how they’re doing and they’ll say that they’re feeling the same.  Huh?!

Shooting a follow up email to all of your new patients is a MUST because it helps you to continue to educate the patient on how acupuncture works, which is absolutely vital for the success of your practice.


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