25+ scripts for acupuncturists wanting to feel confident and create the acupuncture practice you've always dreamed of having.

Learn exact word-for-word scripts so you are never left feeling tongue tied again and can step into being the confident acupuncturist you were always meant to be.

Whether it’s answering all your patient's doubts, what to say to patients that leave your services before the treatment plan is finished, how to handle it when a patient cancels last minute, or the endless situations that come up in your practice and need your confidence.

Take your current level of communicating confidently up by 5000%!

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As an acupuncturist, if you’re not communicating clearly, confidently, and directly to your patients it’s going to be incredibly challenging to build a successful practice. 

I know this because I struggled for two years trying to figure out how best to respond in all the various situations that come up in our practices.  Countless times I was left red in the face and stuck without an answer. 

As a result of this I lost my patients’ trust, lost out on booking countless appointments, my patients didn’t get better, nor believe acupuncture worked, my confidence was crushed, and my practice wasn’t growing. 

This is a big secret to a successful practice - how you speak to your patients.  

After two years of struggling, I finally figured out exactly what and how my patients needed to hear things, and this transformed my practice into a successful 6-figure business.  

Now I’ve helped thousands of acupuncturists around the world transform their practices too.  Acupuncturists just like you.

How To Confidently Answer Questions

is for practitioners who are ready to communicate with ease and certainty,

but never learned how.

You will get immediate access to all content including:

1 hour long video module full of 25+ scripts for speaking confidently
Powerpoint PDF, transcript, and audio MP3 of the content
Always knowing what to saying which increases confidence and grows your practice. 


Along with a special bonus e-book 75 Tips For Building A 6-Figure Acupuncture Practice!


This one hour long video module is LOADED with 25+ acupuncture specific scripts so that you can speak to your patients with ease and confidence in any and all situations!

You will get scripts on: 

  • Why you need to say ‘this’ when a patient says you’re too expensive, not for their sake but for yours. 
  • Creating trust within your conversations by learning how to be and sound confident.
  • Learn a simple technique to squash your patient's needle fears forever.
  • What you should never do when engaging in a conversation with a skeptical person.
  • The secret way of explaining to your patients how to take their herbs (so you’ll always have patient compliance).
  • The one word you should always stress when speaking to a patient about their injury (or they may never heal)?
  • The secret to addressing all of your patient’s doubts (and yes they have a lot of them).
  • There’s one thing you must let all your doubtful patients know and learn why it’s so important.
  • Understand why educating your patients is the #1 most important part to confidently answering questions.
  • How to educate your patients when they say acupuncture doesn’t work for them.
  • Are you wondering how to deal with patients that leave your services? I’ll clear up each situation this happens in and tell you how to be sure to leave the door open for them to come back.
  • The one word to always use when rebooking patients which puts you in charge but leaves the decision up to them, in a completely non-sales like or pushy manner.
  • Get the secret to building a word of mouth business with this simple script.
  • The truth behind how you respond when a patient cancels last minute.
  • Plus more and more scripts to help you answer confidently in any situation! 

What my clients

are saying

Drew N.

“When I first started Alyssa's course I was seeing 5 patients a week on average. I was having trouble speaking with current clients and prospective clients on why acupuncture and Chinese medicine would help with their condition. Now I have a better understanding and treat on average 20 patients a week just a few months later.”

Amanda G.

“I love that Alyssa’s approach is really simple and shows how incredibly doable the acupuncture practice we all dreamed about in acupuncture school really is. She goes a lot into mindset and communication, which as obvious as that seems, I hadn’t realized was such an issue for me. Now that I’ve identified these issues and implemented strategies to deal with them, I’ve had positive feedback from existing patients, increased referrals, and established a more clear plan for moving forward."

Yuliya J.

“I loved Alyssa's class. The information that she shared with us was priceless. Alyssa's passion for Chinese Medicine and her strong desire to teach us to succeed ignites my own passion. I am very introverted and shy person by nature. The class gave me confidence that I can become successful as a practitioner, and I can have a successful and profitable business.”

By the end of this course you will…

  • Transform your way of communicating from ways that harm your practice growth to ways that help it. 
  • Shift from not knowing what to say in common patients situations to smoothly responding with your word for word scripts.
  • Expand your confidence to feel ready to answer all your patients questions and run your practice with ease and professionalism.