7 foundational building blocks for acupuncturists  wanting to succeed.

Learn the step-by-step foundational pieces to set yourself up for success from the start.


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Implement the Practice Success Starter Pack to generate patients, increase your income, build your confidence and lead you on your way to be the most successful acupuncturist you can be!

Want to know why most acupuncturists never make it past the first 5 years in private practice? 

Here’s the truth:

  • so many acupuncturists never make a living doing what they love because they never learn the fundamental parts to building a successful business.
  • They say they want to have a successful practice, but they have no idea how.
  • They think they have a problem making money or getting patients, when really they have a problem with the foundation of their business.

This is why I’ve created the Success Pack for you!

Because I was left trying to figure it all out on my own with no where to turn for help and I almost gave up. Finally my 3rd year into practice things started to click, I hit 6-figures and never went below that again. Now I want to invite you to get the support I didn't have and rocket ship your practice to success.


Does this sound like you?

“I opened my acupuncture practice three months ago and I’m struggling. I can’t get anyone to book appointments. The patients that do book don’t book a follow up appointment. My patients aren’t getting better, so my treatments must not be working. I’m making $40/treatment from my insurance paying patients. It’s impossible to make money as an acupuncturist. I’m never going to make it!”

I’ve been coaching acupuncturists since 2014 and I’ve met thousands of talented practitioners who’ve spent massive amounts of time and money getting licensed and are incredible healers.

But sadly, they struggle in private practice.

They never make enough money to be a full time acupuncturist.

They never feel confident in the outcome of their treatments.

They never set their fees at a price comparable to their value.

And they never believe in themselves, nor their ability to create their dream practice and help to heal the world.


Acupuncturists are taught barely anything about business in grad school and most of it isn’t applicable to the real world facts of running a business.

What you learn in school isn’t even close to what will really get you patients and grow your practice.

30 second elevator speech? Nope!

10 page business plan? I don’t think so!

Offer discounts to get patient? Never!

Unfortunately there are too many practice management teachers saying you have to do these things to succeed. This leaves practitioners feeling frustrated, hopeless, and burnt out, while wasting years and sometimes even giving up entirely on their dreams to be an acupuncturist.

But there’s good news! There is a way to build your dream practice, make a living doing what you love, and always have a full schedule.

Growing a successful and sustainable acupuncture practice can be simple if you start with a strong foundation.

I struggled for the first two years in my practice and not until I ditched everything I’d learned in grad school about how to market and grow my practice, did I finally begin to experience success.

And now I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of acupuncturists around the world achieve their success too. Acupuncturists just like you.

The Practice Success Starter Pack

is for practitioners who are ready for their practice to take off, ready to help heal the world, ready to be a thriving full time acupuncturist, but never learned how to do that.

The Practice Success Starter Pack is for acupuncturists who are truly committed to taking action. I love action takers! That’s why it’s priced at $27 — because I want to make it accessible (I get it. I've been there, barely making ends meet), while still providing incredible amounts of value that will get your practice going!

Inside the pack you will get:

A hello video from me
30 page e-book full of the foundational knowledge you must have to build a successful practice
New patient paperwork and progress report sheet
Get The Practice Success Starter Pack now!

What my clients

are saying

Allissa K.

“I pretty well started Alyssa’s course when I started my practice. I knew it was something I wanted to invest in because I had seen other acupuncturist around me struggle and knew that was not the route I was to go. I was so happy I did because a year and a half later my practice has grown substantially, I have an income and a practice that I am very proud of!”

Mary F.

“Alyssa provides you with tools for building and maintaining a successful practice, whether you are just finishing school or have been practicing a few years. All of this has translated into greater financial success – March was my most financially successful month yet! Last week I had three new patients, and I have four new patients this coming week.”

Connie S.

"After having a baby this March, I started my own clinic in July 2014. I am already up to 12-13 patients a week just a few months later! I would have never imagined that I could grow this fast.... but your tips, sharing and encouragement have made a huge difference!”

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This pack will help you increase your business, your income, your confidence and your fulfillment. Because it’s not just about your success. It’s about healing more patients and spreading more joy, which ripples out into your community.

It’s about helping to mainstream Eastern medicine, plus heal the world with acupuncture and love!

And it just doesn't get any better than that.

Get The Practice Success Starter Pack now!