Do you want to finally know how to market your practice? 

Get endless ideas, inspiration, and understanding of how to market your practice, fill your schedule, and keep it full...without offering discounts.

Want to finally understand how to market your practice? 

Get endless ideas, inspiration, and understanding of how to market your practice, fill your schedule, and keep it full...without offering discounts.

Let's get you patients! 

Filling your practice doesn't have to be hard.  It actually can be (and should be) a lot of fun. 


Does this sound


Your schedule is empty and you need more patients. You think you need to invest money into marketing to get patients and you don’t know what to do since you have no extra cash right now. You’re feeling a bit nervous and confused about how to make this work.

How exactly does one get patients in their practice?

“I know!” you think, “I’ll offer a discount!”


So you begin to offer discounts and the downward spiral begins.

You do indeed get more patients, which initially gives you hope and excitement.

But as your schedule gets more and more full of discounted patients, something isn’t quite right. You’re feeling resentful, used, exhausted and you begin questioning why you ever got into acupuncture in the first place.

You find yourself thinking things like,

“There’s no way to make a good living doing this.”

“Maybe I need to go back to school to get my Doctorate.”

“I think I need to work for someone else and not have my own business.”

You’re completely misunderstanding what it means to be a successful acupuncturist from being exposed to only discount paying patients.

This is a dangerous place to be because you’re on the fast track to burnout.

Using discounts as your marketing strategy is a HUGE deal because it can completely ruin your chances of building a successful practice by giving you the wrong impression of what you think it’s like to have a full practice.

The Marketing Bundle is a collection of content that will give you everything you need for 

successful marketing

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Get 4 video classes full of endless marketing techniques and strategies.
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Learn all about how to use social media for free to get patients in your practice with this how-to e-book.
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Get your mindset right with a patient abundance meditation track.
Emotional Intelligence

With this bundle, you will:

  • Develop an empowered mindset so you always experience the world around you abundant with patients. 
  • Feel inspired with endless ways to market your practice and attract your dream clients.
  • Understand how to confidently and effectively communicate to get patients to easily book appointments with you.
  • Know how to navigate social media to attract patients that will reach out to you to schedule appointments.
  • Understand the ins and outs of referrals so your practice grows off of word of mouth.
  • Learn exacty how to structure a public lecture on acupuncture so you book patients and help to mainstream Eastern medicine by powerfully educating the public.

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The Marketing Bundle is a collection of top marketing mindsets, techniques, and strategies so you are never left wondering...

How do I get patients?

What will you


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Patient Abundance And Empowerment Mindset Meditation Track.

Before you can fill your practice full of patients, you need to get your mindset right.  When you reprogram your mindset with this relaxing meditation, you'll begin to experience the world around you abundant with patients everywhere you go. 


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27 Ways To Market Your Practice Video Class.

Never again run out of ways to fill your practice. Feel empowered and inspired with endless strategies and techniques to get patients... besides offering discounts.

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What To Say To Get Patients Anywhere Video Class.

It can be a lot of fun filling your practice full of patients.  This effective technique is one of those ways and a favorite of mine. 

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How To Get Patients From Social Media For Free E-Book.

You don't need to spend money on ads in order to get patients from your social media pages. When you know what to post, patients will be sending messages directly to you to book appointments!  This e-book gives you the step-by-step way of doing this. 

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A Comprehensive Guide To Referrals Video Class.

Word of mouth referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your practice. Learn exactly how to get referrals and keep them coming!


How To Give A Public Talk On Acupuncture (And Book Patients!) Video Class.

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to structure your public talk on acupuncture so you connect deeply with your audience and leave with new patients on your schedule. 


What you will 



  • Lifetime Access To The Bundle Plus Any Updates Or Additions To The Material
  • 3 Hours Of Video Marketing Masterclasses (*Please note these same classes are within the 6-Figure Acupuncturist program)
  • 10 Minute Mindset Meditation
  • 20 Page E-Book With 10 Social Media Post Templates


  • Available App For All Access
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What students are


“After Alyssa's course, I was able to talk to patients so much more efficiently. They were happy to reschedule on their own and my calendar filled up!”

Leah K.

"As an introvert, it is super scary going out in the world to promote myself. This course changed my perspective to realize I was making it all about myself rather than going out there, reaching out to people, and making it about helping and providing a service to them."

Lyndsey W.

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